Ars Nova Capital manages private equity funds investing in a balanced portfolio of company-based and project-based opportunities.

Ars Nova has a fully developed vision of sector opportunities, problems and trends - bridging the gap between the breakout creative visionaries at the forefront of the entertainment and visual media industries and the breakthrough technologies they need to realize those visions. 

Ars Nova applies our experience and insight to seek out technology solutions to known problems, and directs known solutions to the creators who can make the most of them. We find or help make the tools and put them in the hands of the tool-users.

This is what makes
Ars Nova unlike other financial private equity investors.  Ars Nova is genetically part of the industries in which it invests - it is pro-active in creating trends and assisting with trends created by others right when they are taking off.  Not re-active to trends, a beat too late after most of the value has already been built and harvested and the trends already well underway.

Seeing over the horizon is how
Ars Nova finds creators and the tools they need before others.  Ars Nova funds where creativity is methodically successful - not guessing at "hits."
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